Urban Dictionary: asscum - Ejaculating out of the ass

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For me, it takes 1 to 5 minutes for semen to drip out depending on the volume of the ejaculated load. One time, I was leaking bits of semen for several hours after​. chto-podarit.info › can-you-come-out-your-butt › Content.

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By Zuzilkree - 15:34
That's why they make men's underwear out of cotton, dude. . you guys talking about cumming out your ass, are you sure its not just sweat?
By Mazil - 08:13
When a clear liquid spews from the ass, generally by those who enjoy the A mutation in which the Vas deferens are routed to the rectum, resulting in ejaculation out of ones asshole. 1. "I just blew a load of cum out of my ass", says guy 1.
By Shazshura - 19:58
To suck freshly ejaculated semen from any orifice, usually the anus. He shoots his load, and then plants his mouth on your anus and sucks out his own warm.
By Doukazahn - 03:06
What happens to the cum if it doesnt come out of your butt? if one plans on having anal sex with a person who will potentially be ejaculating.
By Fenrir - 15:48
I heard a guy can come from his butt. Guys can cum from stimulation of the rectum, but actually cumming from their . But not out of my ass.

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